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Tops’ professionally-produced workbooks and practice papers are age appropriate (9-11 year olds) and the material has been produced to give children the best chance of success. Test papers are available for both GL and CEM 11 plus exams, with content of a very similar level to the actual exams.

Exclusively available through Tops Titles, with immediate download and print option, after purchase.

Perfect for working independently at home, these 11 plus resources will ensure children receive all the practice they need, so they are fully prepared and confident on the day of the exam. More resources will be added frequently, so please visit the site over the coming weeks and months.

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“I bought the synonyms and antonyms book from Amazon. I just want to appreciate the way that the book is done. It just set me on the right path in where to start. I do a few pages with my son and we go back and revise the words everyday. I bought so many other books/flashcards, and I have to say this is the best. He just started Year 5 and I’m glad I bought it now. Awesome..”

Anusha from Facebook

“Excellent book for children studying to sit the 11+. It is both a workbook with lots of exercises to do and a reference book with words and their definitions. Good selection of vocabulary. Best to leave plenty of time to work through this, as children will need time to learn and absorb the vocabulary. I have also bought two other vocabulary books by the same author, one on synonyms and the other on antonyms. They are also good. I have only just bought them though and wish we had more time to work through them before my daughter sits the exam in September.” – Amazon Review of Essential 11+ Vocabulary Book


“I love these series of books! They are well pitched and a great resource for children taking the 11+. My daughter enjoys doing the exercises and the lists of synonyms and antonyms with meanings are very useful. Well worth the money.”